As long-time, successful owners of a business that operates in the service industry we understand your concerns and the specific needs of your businesses with high client volume to keep your clients and staff safe.

An infection like CODIV-19 that spreads briskly, is a difficult circumstance. COVID-19 spreads through human contact and can live on surfaces and items for as long as fourteen days.  When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting your hair or nail salon, home, office or RV, Saftee Solutions is completely prepared to help.

  • Confidential Guarantee*
  • We use professional and food-grade equipment and cleaning materials that can sanitize spaces up to 30,000 square feet quickly and efficiently
  • Our attention to detail is like no other – from use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the materials we use to disinfect, our technicians will ensure your space is properly sanitized from stem to stern
  • With a combined 50+ years in a customer service-based business we understand that the customer comes first
  • We know how your business’s needs are different than others – as a result we treat your space specific to your needs
  • We don’t skimp on materials or time – while we may not be the cheapest company around, we have professional industrial equipment unlike other companies who say they offer the same services
  • We understand that without your employees your business cannot operate – use of our regular services will protect your employees therefore protecting your bottom line

Peace of mind is invaluable. We can help make that happen with simple solutions that, combined with your day-to-day cleaning practices, will maximize the longevity of your business.

*We do not release information publicly about who we treat unless requested by a government authority without express permission by the business for advertising purposes. 

Check out our consultation and other services to see exactly what we can do for you here or call 561-324-8541 and speak to one of our technicians about your needs.