In our industry, we face job site odor problems in vacant, real estate properties with smokers, almost daily, offices and restaurants and no matter how much experience we gain, how much training we get, or how many of these educational articles we read, controlling odors can still be a challenge. So, here is a quick summary of our odor control tools at your disposal, so that you do not have to move into a smelly home.

Understanding the root cause of the odor is the first step. Sometimes this can be difficult to track down, such as the case of a mystery odor where the cause is unknown. This is where our detective hat needs to be worn and used. The bottom line is if you can figure out the cause or source of the odor, you are going to be more successful in removing and/or controlling it.

After the source of the odor is found we can efficiently and effictively remove the odor with our advanced fogging treatment. An added benefit is that our foggers kill and eliminate mold spores and the odors that they cause.

From $.10 per sq. ft.